The impossible (?) mission

The Outback Challenge (OBC) had its first event in 2007 and became annual up to 2010, when become biennial. On the right, a graph of all the events for the Search and Rescue challenge up to 2014. 

Our team initiate preparations for OBC Search and Rescue in 2011, just after the Technical Committee has made significant changes to the rules due to consecutives failure from team, year by year, in accomplish the mission. Before, there was two pre-event qualification milestones (deliverables) used to evaluate the technical and technological maturity of team and flying machines. From 2012 there will be three deliverables, the aditional one should be a proven evidence (video) of full operational atributes of the team work and flying machines performance.

We'd got as far as our resources could led us. Althrought we had achieved very good results with all our developments, our self-funding resources runned out and we could not take the chance to help our buddy Joe to get rescued. The table bellow shows our progress:

In the next event at 2014, Joe was finally rescued by four teams: CamberraUAV (Australia), SFWA (Australia), Robota (USA) and Team Thunder (Australia). The CamberraUAV Team was the winner of the challenge as they achieved the closest drop from Joe for the survive kit. Congrats for all teams!



Take a look at some video from our development.