Autonomous UAV since 2011



Msc in Industrial Computing with emphasis on Simulation for Flexible Manufacturing Systems. Graduated in Computer Engineering with emphasis on Control, Optimization and Stochastic Systems. Founder and Manager of an Independent Software development company togheter with his partners.

Skills: Software design and development for non conventional systems, Systems Integration and Systems simulation.

Project Tasks: To proggram the autopilot firmware and fail safe device, geofence routines and heartbeat monitor. To develop/setup the ground control station software.


Master in Business Administration and Pos Graded in Estrategic Management and Planning.

Skills: Business administration, project management, team leadership, negociation, training.

Project Tasks:  Coordinate all the project development, chronogram of tasks, timing and deadline, deliverables to the access into the challenge, requirements of the challenge, website updates, contacts and reports to the sponsors, team's logistics and budget administration. Develop the image system for navigation and target recognition. Develop all communication infrastructure air-ground-air.


Designer by formation, he dedicated his last seven year building extraordinary airmodels like this ones Project 747 and this Project Antonov.

Skills: Expert on industrial Polystirene molding, Great CNC operator, expert in construction of "realy big" scale airmodels

Project Tasks: Design, produce and adjustments of the flight platform and propulsion dimentioning for the mission, to develop the dropdown system for the aircraft according to the mission specifications



IT Adviser of IBM, Oracle, EMC and other IT infrastructures. Airmodels builder, developer of the UAV project for SIMEPAR (Meteorologic System of Parana) , in a association with an important energy company, that allows them to collect important informations from atmosphere for weather forecast and other studies.

Skills: Airmodels builder, technology integration, embedded eletronics, programmer, experient UAV pilot

Project Tasks: To advise team with UAV knowledgement, safety requirements and safe flight procedures.


Meet Joe! This buddy got lost at the australian outbacks during a treking day and now his life depends on somebody can find him and to deliver to him a survive kit so he can hang on a bit longer while rescue is on the way.


Cutting Edge Technology developer.

Pioneer distributor in Brazil for open hardware flight controllers and acessories.

Our families and friends, many thanks!

ABEQUAR is a word from a ancient brazilian language called Tupi Guarani. It means The Lord of the Flight