Airframe challenges

First prototype

We needed to create a robust flight platform that can be able to handle to a large variety of missions as an UAV aircraft, capable for long range and enough payload for search and rescuemission. Since our first concept until our last prototype we never took off eyes from three things:

  1. Portability - This airframe will need to face a 24 hours trip from Brazil to Australia and arrives alive to accomplish the mission. Our solution was make it demountable with a three sections fuselage and a three sections wing. Elevator and rudder were also projected to be disassembled for transportation;

  2. Lightweight - Long endurance needs a very balance among total weight, wing loading, drag and flight conditions. Disposable launch cart was our solution to reduce weight in so many way that allows the aircraft to fly over 65 minutes with 2 packs of LiPO batteries of 6S (22,2V) 7.800 mAh each;

  3. Tough - No landing gear means "belly landing". The structure needs to be designed to survive many take offs and landings, keeping the total weight as low as possible (achieved 31 lbs).

All new airframe

command and control challenges


safety requirements challenges


logistics challenges


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